Child Sexual Abuse

The growing up years are tough to navigate. As children begin their transition to adulthood, one of the most challenging aspects of their journey is understanding sexuality and acquiring adequate knowledge and skills to keep themselves healthy, happy and safe. R.I.S.E. is a comprehensive program designed to empower children and teenagers (ages 9 years and above) and is customised to address the needs of each unique group in consultation with the school/organisation.


Bullying is a growing concern for children, parents and schools. According to a recent survey conducted by IMRB, an Indian marketing research company depicted that 'Every third child' is being bullied in Indian schools. School of life recognises the problem and has drafted programs which emphasise on educating everyone at stake; Children, Parents and schools about preventive measures to counter bullying at schools and how to report any such abuse.

Substance Abuse

image on substance abuse

Substance Abuse is a rising concern for the Indian youth. According to the official data from the ministry of social justice and empowerment, India has an estimated 3.4 million drug abuse victims. Which excludes the numbers of alcoholics, which is estimated at a growing 11 million. Furthermore, the data, provided by the National Crime Records Bureau depicts that 10 people commit suicide due to drugs related problem in India every day. These numbers are harrowing in nature but also true considering the above-mentioned facts School of life has devised an interactive workshop for Adolescents and other teenage groups, which educates them about the dangers associated with substance abuse and also how to prevent addiction to any form of narcotics.

Corporal Punishment 

Corporal Punishment is designed to instill a sense of fear in the recipient so that he/she does not repeat the mistake. What one does not realize is the impact it has on the psyche of the child. Numerous studies have taken place that show that the impact is primarily negative.

A national report by the Ministry of Women and Child Development 2007 states that 2 out of every 3 school going children are rampantly abused.

School of life provides exclusive counselling to teachers and parents on the magnitude of the effect any form of physical punishment corporal punishment might have on children. Also, educating teachers and parents about other non physical means of disciplining students and children.