R.I.s.e Program

The growing up years are tough to navigate. As children begin their transition to adulthood, one of the most challenging aspects of their journey is understanding sexuality and acquiring adequate knowledge and skills to keep themselves healthy, happy and safe. Our R.I.S.E program addresses the concerns of parents and teachers of growing up children. Following are the themes undertook in the R.I.S.E program:  

  • Growing Up and Changes in Me.
  • Various Dimensions of the 'Sexual' Me.
  • Feeling Positive about My Body and My Sexuality.
  • Gender Roles and Questioning the Stereotypes.
  • Managing Peer and Media Influence.
  • Building Healthy Relationships.
  • Understanding, Preventing and Managing Abuse.
  • Identifying, Preventing and Responding to Sexual Bullying.

R.I.S.E is a student/ children program.

Picture from one of our activities with children.

Picture from one of our activities with children.

Workshops with Children.

Workshops with Children.

P.A.L.S Program

Before entering into the teenage years, young children process a lot of information but often times children don’t get the information that can be vital for them in their growth years. Parents and schools play an important role in this particular period of a child’s life any good guidance can play a huge role in the transition from being a pre-adolescents to an adolescent and finally an adult. Our P.A.L.S program emphasis on prevention of child sexual abuse and other offences against children. Following are the themes included in the P.A.L.S program:

  • Understanding Childhood Sexuality.
  • Normal Sexual Curiosity and Play in Children.
  • Talking to children about their bodies.
  • Understanding Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Identifying Potential Abusers- Red Flags.
  • Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Teaching 'Safety Measures' to Children.
  • Handling and Preventing Abuse in School Environment.

P.A.L.S is a student/children program.



Bullying is one of the most prevalent phenomena across the world. People of all ages are being subjected to one or another form of bullying. A recent study by research agency IMRB and Parent Circle has revealed that every third child is bullied in school. These statistics are harrowing and are rising at an alarming rate, schools are poorly equipped in controlling bullying, and the effect of bullying is more often than not extremely harsh on children and can lead to isolation and often result in depression and self-harm. 

We at School of life, understand the prevalence of bullying and the major effects it can have on a person's life, accordingly, we have researched and crafted programs to limit and eradicate bullying in Indian schools our programs help educators and parents in understanding the effects of bullying and ways to control it.

Anti-Bullying Program is Student/children program.


India is the most active social networking country in the world. Over 136 Million people in India are connected on Social Networking sites, Over 35 Million of these people are of ages between 13-19 and 68 million people are between the ages of 20-29. The Internet and Social networking sites offer a great amount of utility, but certain dangers as well. ''According to the recently-released Intel Security’s “Teens, Tweens and Technology Study 2015'', depicts over 22% Indian teenagers face cyber bullying.

These numbers are ever rising and are a reflection of the risk that cyber bullying poses to the Indian youth. In severe cases of cyber bullying, teenagers can go through chronic depression and hyper anxiety.  School of Life, has worked towards reducing the risk to youth over the internet, with customised programs which offer extensive and valuable counselling to parents and children on how to prevent

Cyber safety program is a child safety/children program. 

A session with parents.

A session with parents.

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences aCT 2012

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012, sexual offences against anyone under the age of 18 were never clearly defined until the new POCSO Act came into the light. School of Life, conducts POCSO workshop for parents and schools. The workshop is customised accordingly to familiarise parents and schools with the provisions of the POCSO Act.

POCSO program is a student, parent, teacher,  corporate program.

substance abuse.jpg

Substance Abuse 

Substance Abuse is a rising concern for the Indian youth. According to the official data from the ministry of social justice and empowerment, India has an estimated 3.4 million drug abuse victims. Which excludes the numbers of alcoholics, which is estimated at a growing 11 million. Furthermore, the data, provided by the National Crime Records Bureau depicts that 10 people commit suicide due to drugs related problem in India every day. These numbers are harrowing in nature but also true considering the above-mentioned facts School of life has devised an interactive workshop for Adolescents and other teenage groups, which educates them about the dangers associated with substance abuse and also how to prevent addiction to any form of narcotics.

Substance Abuse is Student/Children and parent program.