Since formed School of life has been extensively working in the interest of children. Focusing on protection of children from any form of abuse, weather it be Child Sexual Abuse,  Emotional Abuse and Bullying. Protection of children's rights and stopping any form of abuse incurred by children has been our main goal since the very first day of our operation and the foundation of all our programs. 

Program with children

programs for children 

Our programs focus on providing Adolescents and Pre-Adolescents with adequate information for a healthy and safe transition into adulthood. We work towards helping children in understanding sexuality and developing a healthy body image is the objective of our Programs.

We also conduct Anti-Bullying program which focus on equipping children with the right knowledge on how to protect themselves from bullying and how to help others facing bullying. 

With growing times and the blurring boundaries of Real and Virtual world we work extensively on Cyber-safety  also, providing the right ways to use the internet, the kind off challenges and problems one can encounter online, understanding the need to cap Online Gaming and so on.