In recent years School of life has made impeccable efforts to change the community's outlook on social taboos like; Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment.

Our goal has been to bring light on such issues of the society. 

In this fight for social justice we have done several community outreach programs, our work with other NGOs, Government schools and LCC is a reflection of our ideal society we aim to build. 

We have also partnered with the Government of Haryana for spreading our outreach to Government schools in Haryana, starting out with Gurgaon. 

Our work for others

School of life, has done numerous programs and workshops as Pro- Bono over the years to make our efforts do further good. Here's a list of Pro-Bono sessions we conducted over the years:

  •  Local Complaints Committee,  a session on Sexual Harassment.
  •  Smile Foundation
  •  Presidium
  •  Gunjan Foundation
  •  Neev NGO
  •  Maharishi Vidyalaya
  • The Lotus Foundation
  • Shiksha Kendre
  • Sansheel Foundation
    • The aim of our Pro-Bono sessions, is to spread awareness to more and more children so that we  convert our work and bring much needed change in how we live. School of life  is now open to donations in the pursuit to reach to more children in the less privileged communities.