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 School of Life is an initiative of the TSE Foundation, a trust registered in 2012 under the Indian Trusts Act (1882). School of Life endeavors to create a safer world for children and Women.

We provide the awareness, skills and attitudes to help them thrive and take a confident flight into the journey called LIFE.



School of Life aims to create a world free of abuse and violence for Children and Women.


If we are able to change the outlook of even one person, by imparting knowledge and skills on safety, it eventually helps us bring a change in a family and thereby the whole society.
To achieve this we need to Learn, Innovate, Flourish and Empower by

  1.  Expanding our horizon and reaching out to more and more individuals.
  2.  Empowering Women and Children by providing them the right skills and attitudes. 

School of Life programs have directly reached out to nearly 20,000 individuals, including Children, Parents, Teachers and Adults from varied communities in and around Delhi - NCR. 

The programs have been conducted with people across various Socio-economic backgrounds. They have been well received and appreciated for their focus on practical skills and knowledge that equips and enables individuals to deal with real-life challenges.

Over the last two years School of Life has been successful in bringing about change and this is seen through the surveys conducted post workshops -  Where close to 98.33% of the participating population felt confident in speaking about Sexuality and Sexual development post the workshop. About 99.99% of the participating population felt that they now had the rights skills, tools and vocabulary to talk to children about personal safety and child sexual abuse. Almost 90% felt more confident and equipped in handling cases of abuse and  also providing the immediate care and support to the child.

We have also been successful in organizing workshops and talks on Sexual Harassment at Workplace, with special focus on the POSH, ACT 2013.  School of Life is also impaneled as the External Party face on many ICC'S of companies.  We have sensitized almost 10,000 working professionals - managers, associates, supervisors and  support staff on the same with information, skills and attitudes that help to work harmoniously. 

These figures not only overwhelming and reassuring but also encouraging enough to further extend the outreach and work towards the vision of an abuse free world.




 What participants say..

Jyoti Puri, Director – Human Resources, Ipas Development Foundation, New Delhi

We were extremely pleased with the consultancy provided by members of School of Life. They brought the optimal mix of knowledge on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act of 2013 and real world experience.

 Their sensitisation program for IDF staff members was well-executed and targeted to our needs. I was very impressed with the trainer's thoroughness on the subject and professionalism. Before the training session, they spent considerable time with us helping us craft IDF’s Sexual Harassment Policy and  learning our processes and procedures so they could tailor the course materials and presentation to our specific needs.

Ms Ajitha P S.jpg

Ms Ajitha PS, Chief of Nursing, Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

The workshop on Child Sexual Abuse for nurses was extremely useful, informative and participative in nature. The trainer Diana presented the topics excellently, making sure all  participants interacted. It helped the nurses in raising their awareness which they intend to apply in their practice. Very useful program for the healthcare professionals.


Dr. Sonali Vatsa, Medical Superintendent, Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

It was a valuable workshop. It is needed in all aspects of the society. There is an imperative need among all parents, especially today. We need many more such workshops to propagate this issue. Especially as a parent I feel this should be made mandatory for all schools to have such workshops.

Neharika Malhotra Bora, Parent and Gynaecologist, Rainbow Hospital, Agra

Amazing workshop. It opened my eyes to many things. Lots of discussion and many questions answered. These kind of workshops are the need of the society. Keep it up Mallika! I m a proud parent who belives in safety of my child and other children, and I will take efforts to get educated to do my best to safegaurd my baby.