No other person in a child's life plays a more vital role than parents. Parents are a role model all through the growing years of a child. A parent plays multiple roles in a child's life He/She is a parent, an educator, a friend,  a philosopher and a guide. Keeping all this in mind, out team at School of Life have created modules to equip parents with one of the most crucial skill sets and knowledge that help them provide a safe and abuse free world for their child.

Our parent programs are for Parents of younger Children, Young Adults and Adolescents.  Parents need the right vocabulary and ideas to guide their children through the tumultuous teenage. They also need to be aware to ensure safety and sexual well being of their child, who is expose to a wholly of information and ideas in this ever changing digital age. Therefore, we understand and provide just the right age appropriate information to guide your child through growing up in a friendly manner. 


Programs for parents

We conduct programs with parents to prepare them to understand and address sexuality-related concerns in their child’s development while ensuring their health and safety. Equipping parents with vital information to understand and help their children through their changing phases.

Our programs also help parents in identifying potential threats to their children like Child Sexual Abuse, Bullying and Cyber-threats and then enabling them to provide required  care.