Friday Gurgaon: A Wake Up Call

A session on ‘Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA)’ was recently organised jointly by Chalk Tree Preschool and School of Life. Nitin Gupta, Director, Chalk Tree Preschool, said, “We have always firmly believed that to fight against such an evil in society, it is imperative that we join hands and form strong collaborations between educators, parents, NGOs, Government bodies and the media. Talks and programs such as these are tiny steps that we can take towards ensuring greater safety for our children and awareness amongst the parents.”

In conversation with National Dastak on understanding Child Sexual Abuse and speaking with children about Safety

School of life: Child Abuse Lasts a Lifetime - Print ad by Ogilvy Gurgaon - Campaigns of The World

School of Life: Child Abuse - Drivers Fingers, Neighbours Hands, Uncles Fist School of Life, is a NGO that aims to create a world free of abuse and violence against children. Their main challenge is lack of awareness. Child abuse is a still a taboo topic in India and parents tend to dismiss it - ...