Prevention of Child sexual aBUSE

The concern of child sexual abuse is widespread across the world, but in India it's not just prevalent but also unrecognized.

Social stigma in Indian culture and society has been ignoring the horrible nature of child sexual abuse marking it off as a taboo and even denying its existence. Despite being a prominent concern for our society with over 53% of children being sexually abused even though most of these cases go unreported. 

There is no foolproof way to prevent Child Sexual Abuse, however but our awareness, knowledge and attitude can Stop Child Sexual Abuse.

Prevention of child Sexual  

Photo by portishead1/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by portishead1/iStock / Getty Images

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Substance abuse

Every society is dependent on it's youth for growth and flourishment, India is no exception with one-fifth of it's population comprising of people between the ages of 15- 24, but substance abuse is gripping Indian youth and stunting its development. With over 25,000 young adults committing suicide in the last 10 years, which comes down to an average of 7 people committing suicide per day due to drug related problems. 


Corporal punishment

UN defines Corporal Punishment as,

“Any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light. Most involves hitting (“smacking”, “slapping”, “spanking”) children, with the hand or with an implement”.

Corporal Punishment is designed to instill a sense of fear in the recipient so that he/she does not repeat the mistake. What one does not realize is the impact it has on the psyche of the child. Numerous studies have taken place that show that the impact is primarily negative.

A national report by the Ministry of Women and Child Development 2007 states that 2 out of every 3 school going children are rampantly abused.